Carpet, Vinyl Flooring, Hardwood Flooring, Tile, and Laminate Flooring in Pagosa Springs, CO

Village Interiors Carpet One has many flooring options to suit any room in your household. From your bedrooms to your kitchen kitchen, we’ve got you covered.


Our carpet comes in many textures, patterns, fibers, and color varieties.  We have nylon, olefin, olefin blend, PET polyester, polyester, polypropylene, triexta, wool, and wool blend. We carry 15 brands and over 100 styles of carpet, so you are sure to find something that will fit your home or office needs. Our carpet products can be used for commercial applications, high-end residential installation, or anything in between. Carpet is a valuable flooring choice because it lasts for years, it stands up to foot traffic, resists spills, and brings a soft comfort to the room. It can also serve as a striking design element. Our skilled installers are able to work with you on getting your carpet installed. Contact us today and work with a designer on finding the best carpet for your particular needs.

Vinyl Flooring

Village Interiors Carpet One has sheet vinyl flooring, luxury vinyl tiles, and vinyl planking. While many people can install vinyl tile on their own, we do offer installation should you require it. Vinyl is a versatile, durable, and easy to clean.  It comes in a wide range of styles and designs including ceramic, linen, natural stone, patterns, or wood. Furthermore, the edges can be beveled, eased, micro beveled, or square. We carry 8 brands, over 50 styles, and endless color variations from which you can choose.

In addition to the wide range of vinyl flooring styles and options, Village Interiors Carpet One offers five levels of warranties for your floors to ensure they’re protected.  Contact us today to learn more about our vinyl flooring options and warranties.

Hardwood Flooring

Village Interiors Carpet One in Pagosa Springs, CO offers prefinished solid hardwood flooring that is expertly engineered.  We also have skilled employees who are able to fully install any hardwood flooring in your home. Our options come in a light, medium, or dark finish so you can tie any room together.  You are able to choose your type of variation and grain depending on your tastes.  We have a wide ranges of styles from more standard looks to styles that are more rustic. Appearance choices include brushed, heavy scraped, scraped, and smooth. There are 21 wood species to choose from and a multitude of finish profiles. We carry four top-of-the-line brands of hardwood flooring and over 50 styles. You are certain to find a style that will work in your home at Village Interiors Carpet One.  Contact us today to discuss which style will best fit your home.

Tile and Stone

Tile and stone flooring is a great way to add a natural ambiance and soften the feel of any room. Tile is a great flooring option because of its versatility.  It comes in a wide range of styles, from contemporary to classic. You can get creative with how you assemble the tiles and create one-of-a-kind patterns or angle the tile to make a room appear larger. Furthermore, our tile and stone comes in a wide range of colors, sure to help fit any motif in your household.  At Village Interiors Carpet One in Pagosa Springs, CO, we have upward of 50 styles from which you can choose.  We also offer five different levels of warranty so you can rest assured that your floor is protected. Contact us today to learn more about our styles and warranty options.

Laminate Flooring

The technology for laminate flooring has improved over the years and has come a long way.  Laminate flooring now comes in a wide range of styles and appearances, sure to please anyone’s taste.  These styles include appearances of tile, stone, slate, or wood.  In addition to the wide range of styles of laminate flooring, it is more affordable than many other flooring options.  You can make a room pop or bring a relaxing element to it with the wide range of textures and styles of laminate flooring.  Contact us today to learn more about which textures and styles will best suit your household.

Window Coverings

In addition to our wide range of flooring options,Village Interiors Carpet One offers window coverings as well. The brands we carry include Kirch, Levelor, Blynco, and Skandia. Window coverings include accordion, wood, vinyl, and bamboo blinds that can be vertical or horizontal. We offer made-to-order custom window coverings with installation.


In addition to our window covers, we also offer shades and interior shutters.  Our shades come in either opaque or translucent.  Interior shutters are similar to blinds, but close more tightly.  Both our shades and our interior shutters come in a wide range of colors and finishes.


Contact us today to learn more about which window treatments and will best suit your household.